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Let's face it, we here at get a TON of hits, thanks to sites like, Radio and TV Buzzboard and other forms of word of mouth/print.

You see, is NOT really a business, but a hobby. It's a great hobby, but a somewhat costly one too, considering that we pay for the URL and server we're on (someone else's long URLs and pop-up crap just don't cut it for us). Not to mention, I, your humble webmaster, have bills to pay, too. So, we feel that it's nice to support other businesses as well by posting a link to their website on ours.
The ad would be a banner on top of the home page where people can see it as soon as they enter.
Just to let ya know,'s target audience is your typical Howard Stern fan (since we are a Stern-oriented and more website) - males 18-49. We do get a few female hits here and there:). Our ideas of businesses advertising on include:
  • Restaurants of all prices and genres,
  • Concert venues,
  • Strip joints,
  • Automotive related (car dealers, repair, etc.)
  • Retail outlets,
  • Movie theatres,
  • ....and so much more..., on average, gets about 100-500 hits per day. This is a world wide audience, but a bulk of our hits come from right here from Michigan. We're based in Grand Rapids.

So, what's the cost for advertising on Almost nothing if you think about it. All we ask is you give us some free swag. If you're representing a movie theatre, some free tickets are acceptable. Automotive repair? Maybe a free oil change. Strip joint you're running? Funny money/boner bucks sounds cool. The only big request is that the business you run is accessable in the Grand Rapids/Kalamazoo area.

However, we have the right to refuse ads too. Those include:

  • anything illegal,
  • gay male porn,
  • anything pertaining to Stern clones (Bob and Tom, Mancow or Opie and Anthony), The Ron and Don show, Justice and Jim or "Huge" Bill Simonson,
  • or anything we feel is unacceptable for this site 

If you decide to advertise on, we can discuss the length you'd like your ads to run. If you give us oh, maybe a movie ticket, two weeks. T-shirt? Three months. Funny money might get you a month's worth of advertising, and so on.

To begin, just e-mail us at and put on the subject line "advertise". Then, we'll decide what to do from there on.

Hope to do business with you!


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