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The Boycott Page

The following is a list of businesses who are unpatriotic, support terrorism, or just make up stuff that ruins us as Americans. Please boycott them.

Please note: some of these might be urban legends. If you want to correct something, let me know.

*American Family Association/American Decency Association (AFA/ADA) - these so-called "Christian" organizations uselessly attack American businesses, and help ruin the economy just because they don't like what they sell. Some targets include K-Mart, Disney, and Movie Gallery. "If you don't like it, don't buy it".

*Wal-Mart - this company violates First Amendemt rights of recording artsts by not selling or censoring their albums, yet, they sell products made by sweatshop workers overseas. They have been known to mistreat their employees as well.

*Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) - this "Christian" organization partially blames the attacks on September 11th on abortion activists, homosexuality, feminism, and the such because they claimed that all of the above created a "low morale for America". Well, Mr. Robertson and Mr. Falwell, if we got rid of 'all of the above', we'd be BOWING IN FRONT OF THE RAGHEADS, RIGHT?! Also, let local TV stations that air The 700 Club know that what CBN is doing IS WRONG.

*Max Media - This company is owned by members of the Robertson family; as a matter of fact, they're known for pre-empting the regularly-scheduled programming of their stations so they could air marathons of The 700 Club, which airs on most of their stations. There's a list of properties they own on their website; here in Michigan, they own ABC station WGTU in Traverse City, which is considered one of the worst ABC affiliates in America.

* - website by a religous wacko who shares the same opinions as Pat Robertson.

*Subway, especially in Greenville, MI - this chain a few years ago promised the AFA that they'll never advertise on Stern. Good - because their food sucks anyway. As for the Greenville locale, a reader told me that their owners are Arabs and have pictures of Osama in their car.

*Coors Beer - this company makes of all things, BEER, yet, they heaviy support wacko right-winged groups such as the Parents' Music Resource Center, and James Dobson's Focus on the Family. They also didn't want blacks in their commericals for years. Drink Mike's Hard Lemonade or Smirnoff Ice instead :)-

*Derrer Oil - this company owns Amoco gas stations in Bellaire, Mancelona, and Petoskey. The day after September 11th, they heavily raised gas prices. Their excuse? "Our supplier told us to." GUESS WHAT? THEY SUPPLY THEIR OWN OIL! Too bad they got away when Gov. Engler hunted for gas stations that gouged their gas prices - their luck ended, however, when Saco's Marathon Mini-Mart (now Bellaire General Store) opened up, and had their asses handed to them. They were quite torched (no pun intended - Amoco's logo is a torch, btw).

*7-11 - this company bowed to the religious right over porn in the 1980's.

*Phillips Petroleum (Phllips 66, 76, and Circle K stores) - this company ALSO bowed to Jesus-freak pressure over porn in March 2002.

*Bob Evans - this chain promises never to advertise on anyhing 'indecent' because they bow to the Bible thumpers.

*Saco and Saco Enterprises (which includes Saco's Shell Mini-Mart in Williamsburg, Saco's Citgo and the Fireball Lounge in Kalkaska, and Barlow Superette in Traverse City) - these guys are nothing but a bunch of fucked-up Iraqians who overcharge on everything, screw people, and worse yet, the patriarch, Nouel Saco, tried to kill his own son because of their screwed-up beliefs. Maybe they're good pals with Saddam...

*Bellaire General Store in Bellaire - the people there are rude, and not to mention, the owners are a bunch of hilljacks from Port Huron who know NOTHING about running a c-store. Their deli even sells tainted meat, and the owner allows his kids, ALL UNDER 18, to handle and sell alcohol. Shop at the Short Stop BP instead.

*The World Wildlife Fund, MASSPIRG, an anti capitalist and socialist group disguised as militant environmentalists, PETA, and Greenpeace - ditto the aforementioned.
*Wyeth Pharmaceuticals (Advil, Chap Stick, Robotussin)
The Gillette Company
Gander Mountain
United Health Group
Lifetime Cable Channel
Goodyear Tire and Rubber
JC Penney
Ferris State University - Big Rapids
Sherwin Williams
These companies have 'no advertisements on Stern' policies.
*Mulligan's and just about every bar in Easttown Grand Rapids - I used to like these guys until the asshole of a barkeep known as Jimbo yelled at me for doing something I thought was OK to do (long ass story). When you're in GR, go somewhere else to drink.

*Ball Park Party Store in Grand Rapids - according to one of our readers - who works at Parkway Tropics - he sent me this: I just got into a verbal confrontation with a guy who was behind thecounter today at the BALL PARK PARTY STORE on Fulton Street in GrandRapids. He seen that I was wearing my Parkway Tropics hat and asked meif I worked there. I told him I did, which led to him spewing verbaldiarrhea about how Parkway Tropics needs to get out of the neighborhoodbecause there are kids who walk past it. Here are the problems withthat....1. Parkway Tropics has been in the neighborhood since 1955.2. Parkway Tropics is grandfathered under so many old zoning rules andregulations it is completely unreal.3. The city commission will not allow Parkway Tropics to move anywhere!But it is ok for this dickhead's party store to sell "pornography", astore that children go into (especially since they sell LOTS of candyin there) to sell men's magazines (Playboy, Hustler, etc.) on themagazine stand with only a sign that says "adults only." Compare thatto Parkway Tropics or any strip club in which you MUST be 18 to enter.And remember, thanks to that wonderful new city ordinance, a kid cansee more by looking at one of their porn magazines than they can at anyof the gentlemen's club in Grand Rapids.If this guy thinks he's protecting children by moving strip clubs, thenhe is a goddamned idiot. Just another Judy Rose wannabe.So with that being said, I'm asking everyone reading this to notpurchase one fucking cent worth of merchandise from the Ball Park PartyStore on W. Fulton St. in Grand Rapids. I want to see that party storego belly up by the end of the year.

*Rockstar Energy Drinks is owned by the Weiner family, whose patriarch is controversial talk radio host Michael Savage, a man who attacks gays, liberals and others he sees 'unfit' in society. In June, 2008, he attacked autistic people on his show, claiming that it doesn't exist. Buy Monster or Red Bull instead.

*I won't mention his name or company here, but boycott this asshole and his DJ service because this bi-polar asshole spread nasty lies and rumors about me on a popular message board. Write me if you want more info.


Please boycott the following supermarkets because:
1) they're bowing in front of the religious right's stupid idea of censoring fashion magazines by putting "blinders" in front of them, and
2) remember, the reason why the stores put "blinders" over their covers is because the religious right thinks that a small dose of female skin is highly offensive. The ragheads (YES, THE TERRORISTS, SUCH AS OSAMA BIN LADEN) couldn't agree more.

Here's a list of supermarkets in Michigan that censor magazines. **Please note, some of these stores MIGHT not be censoring magazines anymore. However, they DID do business with the religious right, so be cautious.**

Angeli's IGA (Iron River)
Brooks Pharmacy (Spartan-owned, Mancelona)
D&W (Grand Rapids area)
Family Fare (Spartan-owned, Grand Rapids area)
Glen's (Spartan-owned, northern Michigan)
Harding's (Spartan Store, Kalamazoo area)
Kroger (Detroit area)
The Pharm (Spartan-owned, NE Michigan)
Plumb's (Spartan Store, Muskegon area and Hastings)

There is a full list at the ADA's pathetic website at Their butt buddies at the AFA have a more updated list at

Got a business worth boycotting? E-mail us at

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