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The Audio Vault

This section of the website will be devoted to cool sounds, unsigned bands, or anything kickass we can find.

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This is a band from Detroit. 4.09 MB MP3, 3.82 MB MP3, 3.25 MB MP3, 3.78 MP3




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5.05 MB, 5:31 in length.

From the late 80's through Summer 1994, there was one CHR/top 40 radio station in Detroit that EVERYONE loved and idolized. The station didn't have a fancy name, nor a fancy logo (just a digital '96.3' with the words "RADIO WHYT" underneath). Instead, all the energy went into the music and programming. The station was WHYT Detroit - known simply as just 96.3 FM.

The station had a huge fanbase; as a former northern Michigander, I knew of many people who went to Detroit and tape 96.3, and come back up north to play the tapes for their friends. The station had a HUGE influence on stations like WKPK 106.7 in Gaylord, who even hired former 96.3 DJs like MacConnell "The Man at Large" Adams and Michael J. Foxx in the mid-90's. Several big songs on 96.3 even got major airplay on The Peak, such as Duice's "Dazzy Dukes" and "Dunkee Butt" from 12 Guage.

In 1/1993, some family friends of ours came to my small hamlet of Torch Lake from Detroit and the oldest son brought up some 96.3 tapes. I decided to dupe a side of one of the tapes, and well, I finally became one of the coolest kids at school.

In a way of unfortuantely, 16 months later, 96.3 was no more. It evolved into alternative as Planet 96.3, leaving Detroit without a real CHR for several years. Oh, well, the Planet was cool anyway, since they played a cool mix of current-day alt-rock from Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails, Butthole Surfers, and etc., with classics from Blondie, the Vince Clarke groups, The Cure, 70's punk and etc. Sadly, I have no airchecks of the Planet era :( However, in 1996-ish, the Planet became more gold-based and dumped most of the harder-stuff. In 1999, they tried alternative classics, and after a brief stint with mod-AC again, they went hot AC with 96-3 WDVD in 2001.

In 2000, I was given a CD burner for my birthday, and transferred the old 96.3 tapes onto CD. Now with this new computer, I decided, "you know, I have this Audio Vault section on my site, why not share some of this old 96.3 stuff?" The rest...... is history.

I duped the disc into my computer, trimmed 35 minutes off for disc space constraints and the fact that I don't want lawyers knocking on my door (translation: you only get portions of songs, not the full recordings; but with some of these songs, it's a good thing), and viola! A classic 96.3 aircheck.

Here's the song list featured, BTW:

*If You Want My Love - Cover Girls

*Jump Around - House of Pain

*OPP - Naughty by Nature

*Free Your Mind - En Vogue

*Toss-Up - N 2 Deep

*Some Speed Racer remix (Speed - Alpha Team?)

*Get Up - ?????

*Baby Got Back - Sir Mix-a-Lot

*Dazzy Dukes - Duice

*7 - Prince

*Nuthin' But a G-Thang - Dr. Dre/Snoop Dogg

*Real Love - Mary J. Blige



If you're a band needing of promotion, or if you have airchecks of a cool station, let me know:


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