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Dave Barber

Dave Barber

7.6.15 As many of you know, the great Dave Barber died on Saturday at the age of 60. He had a massive heart attack and stroke while enjoying dinner with family in Clarkston, near Detroit on June 25 and slipped into a coma. This page is dedicated to the many years he devoted to broadcasting and the people he served.

**UPDATED 2.18.08** Congrats, Dave! He's now "behind the scenes" as the programming director for the Capitol TV network in Rhode Island. According to Dave, it's similar to C-Span and it's on every cable system in the state. He hosts a weekly show on Mondays at 8 p.m. called "Straight From the Gavel" where he chats with the House Speaker and Senate President. HE even does a segment where he talks with Reps and Senators regarding state politics.



After only one year on Providence's WPRO-AM 630, Dave has been fired. According to Dave, there was no reason why the talk legend was let go. Full article here.


2.7.07 - After only one year on Providence's WPRO-AM 630, Dave has been fired. According to Dave, there was no reason why the talk legend was let go. Full article here.

2.20.06 - It was announced that after almost 30 years in Flint radio, Dave is moving on and going to WPRO-AM Providence. We wish Dave well on his new venture and God speed.

11.23.04 - Check out his new website: You'll love the putt-putt golf feature on his site.

HE'S BACK! (10.25.04)After one year off the air, Dave Barber is back to pissing off (or entertaining) Flint on WWCK 1570 9a-12n. Dave is a VERY entertaining and left-leaning talker who's interviewed everyone from Ron Jeremy to even fellow Flintster Michael Moore, whom he's known LOOOOOOOOONG before "Roger and Me". He used to be syndicated on the Michigan Talk Radio Network, so that's how I got to know him. I hope someday they'll either webcast or syndie his show to GR so everyone could listen.

In old news...

**EFFECTIVE 11.13.03** The Dave Barber Show is no longer on the Michigan Talk Radio Network. Dave left the network due to contractual problems with the company. According to Dave and other ex-MTRNers, the network's knee-deep in debt and are not paying their personalities squat. We here at will keep you posted on his future projects.


**UPDATED 3.30.04** According to Dave, the reason why his job search has been so slow is due to him taking care of his ailing father. Sadly, Ray Barber, Dave's father, passed away on Sunday, March 28th at the age of 80. According to Dave, he could have been a great talk show host himself.

Our deepest sympathies and condolences are with Dave and his family.

Got more Barber info?
Dave's e-mail:

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