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Name: The Republican Party
Age: 164
Occupation: right-winged dicks
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: another day, another shooting


Last night, another tragic event unfolded at a popular bar in Los Angeles.

Thirteen people, including a sheriff's deputy and college students were killed at the Borderline Bar and Grill when a gunman came in with a Glock equipped with a magazine opened fire. The shooter was 28-year-old Ian Long, an Iraqi War vet who was a regular at the Borderline, a bar that catered to the country music crowd.

What might be the most-tragic of last night's shooting was the fact that some of the people attended the country music festival in Las Vegas last year where 59 people were all shot to death.

It's not totally known what Long's motive was, though it was rumored that he had been battling PTSD, which is common for many Iraq War vets.

It's sad knowing that this is a nation where there's a mass shooting almost daily. Names like "Columbine", "Sandy Hook", "Parkland", "Pulse Nightclub" and now "Thousand Oaks" are now a part of our lingo, and all for all the wrong reasons.

Like I've said way too many times, this is a nation where if a woman shows a nipple on live TV, the FCC jacks up their indecency fines. But when 59 people are killed, our government won't do a goddamned thing about it. What might be even more strange is that now, two of the mass shootings here in America involved country music, whose fanbase tends to be friendly towards guns and the Second Amendment.

The only good out of all this is the fact that the House now has a Democratic majority again, though sadly, the Senate is still loaded with Repukes. Hopefully, this will begin a process to get the NRA-ass-kissing, gun-loving assholes out of our government. It's time for common sense gun reform so tragedies like this won't happen again.

Thoughts and prayers sure as hell ain't enough.



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