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OK, I have a confession to make.

This has been a long, tough year for me, and a lot of you out there. I've worked 50+ hours a week most of this year and haven't had a lot of time to write BOTD.

As a result, we only had six nominees this year.

At least I had some good, juicy ones and some of you agreed. So, here's the top three nominees for Bee-otch of the Year:


With the recent Supreme Court decision that overturned Roe V. Wade, I asked how we got there in the first place. The Republicans suck, but guess what? The Democrats have gotten us there with centralists who have rightist ideals. Simply put, this country needs good, progressive leadership that puts the middle class first instead of kissing the ultra-wealthy's ass. Since publishing this BOTD in October, President Biden shot himself in the foot when he signed the resolution to prevent a rail strike. It doesn't help that one of the owners of America's railway system is Warren Buffett, a Democrat worth over $100 billion.

(Our apologies to the BBC, 3/4 of the 1970s dance troop Legs and Co. and the estate of Flick Colby.)


OK, so all the sudden, they've found some much-needed mojo after years of embarrassment. When I published their entry to BOTD-dom in February, they had just lost quarterback Matt Stafford to the Los Angeles Rams, who had just won the Super Bowl. The Lions acquired that team's old QB, Jared Goff and he had trouble finding people to throw the ball to. In this edition, I touched on the troubled history of the Ford family, bad sports team owners and the amount of racism from the front office. Since writing the piece, the Lions have dramatically improved to the point that they might actually make the playoffs this year.


It seems that every year, rock music is turning into a shadow of its past in a sense. True, there's mega rock festivals that rake in lots of money and revenue, but the stations that play it are turning into a joke. In most radio markets now, if you want to hear Ozzy, Disturbed, Ghost and new, modern rock, you'll now have to divulge 1970s butt rock, like on WGRD here in Grand Rapids. In other radio markets, you're lucky to hear new rock at all. Recently in New York City, Alt 92-3 was blown up in favor of a simulcast of 1010 WINS. Then again, Alt 92-3 had mediocre ratings and played way too much wuss music to generate good ratings. In Los Angeles, Heritage alt-rocker KROQ did rebound in the ratings because they added more 90s/00s music. However, Alt 98-7 is still the top new rocker there while the geriatric KLOS is #1 in rock. Another rock giant, Dallas' 97.1 The Eagle flew its last flight when it flipped to man talk earlier this year while paltry-rated WNNX Rock 100.5 Atlanta flipped to heritage alternative 99X.

Now, the biggest market with an active rocker is ninth-ranked Philadelphia, whose WMMR 93.3 plays a great deal of new rock, although like GRD, they play too much geezer rock for my liking.

I know, must of us who are tech-savvy now have the internet and cell phones and apps like Pandora and Spotify that devoid themselves of lame radio edits and for a fee, commercials. It's too bad that thanks to the FCC, corporate radio is now denying many from having a kick-ass rock station in their hometown. And sadly, we have douchebags like Adam Levine from Maroon 5 who cry that "chicks don't listen to rock anymore". BULL. SHIT.

Look, I went to both days of Upheaval this year. And guess what? The girls there were a lot nicer and friendlier than the ones at the partially-rained-out Breakaway at the same spot a month later. Granted, I did not see one girl at Upheaval wear a thong, but then again, there were a few gals at Breakaway who shouldn't be wearing them, period.

What triggered me to write about this BOTD was HBO's Music Box documentary about Woodstock '99, they depicted the concertgoers as angry white men who were racist and homophobic. However, Netflix's similar docuseries Trainwreck was more-respectful, talking about how the promoters were trying to cash in by simply treating the young people at the time like a pile of cash while their parents who went to the original Woodstock in 1969 had free food and more easy ground to walk on. Like I said, I think all musical genres have their issues - especially country - and yet, there's country stations everywhere in America while those who want true active rock are fucked thanks to the corporate cocksuckers who own those stations.

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