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Name: Donald Trump
Age: 74
Occupation: spreader
Last Seen: Tucson, AZ
Bee-otched For: being an idiot


Four years ago, Michigan did something that it didn't do since 1988: help to elect a Republican president. 

With the Mitten leaning towards Biden this time around, Drumpf and his crew have been trying to stump around this state to keep it red. On Saturday, hw campaigned in Muskegon, one of the most-liberal parts of west Michigan.

Nonetheless, 10,000 fartknockers attended the Drumpf love-in, where he was donning a MAGA hat because the cold winds were playing with his weird-assed hairdo. There, he unleashed an attack on Governor Gretchen Whitmer while his minions all cried to lock her up.

Meanwhile, Whitmer herself went on the defensive. On Meet the Press Sunday, she called Drumpf's comments disturbing and that he's trying to encourage violence. She called on the negativity to stop since what they are doing is dangerous to the public and themselves. 

Now, Drumpf is trashing probably the smartest man in America: Dr. Anthony Fauci. He labeled the doctor and others "idiots" all because of the superspreader events like his Supreme Court nomination announcement of Amy Cunty Barrett. The tragic situation is that he's still going around the country, rounding up his supporters to continue on with his stupidity. 

Also, word is spreading that if he loses in November to Biden, he might do everything from start his own cable network to run again in 2024 to even leaving America for good. I hope it's the last one.

I wonder in the hell why he still has followers considering the shit he pulls. It bothers me even more that I have members of my family who are begging me to vote for him (too late, I already voted for Biden). Some of these people, sadly, are baby boomers who are retired, while I have to work for another 27 years. The reality is that boomers lived through a time when the wealthy paid high taxes and the middle class got what they deserved for working hard. 

Sadly, the only times in my life I knew I was moving ahead was when Obama was president. When Dubya was running the show, I was barely making it, along with the rest of America. If Drumpf is elected, God help us all. 

So, who are the idiots now?


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