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Name: The Republican Party
Age: 164
Occupation: right-winged pricks
Last Seen: Washington, DC
Bee-otched For: getting a sicko into the Supreme Court


When Drumpf announced his run for president, he told his minions that Mexico was sending their rapists to our country.

On Saturday, he and his party - and a Democrat, Joe Manchin - sent a sexual deviant to the Supreme Court.

During his confirmation hearing, Brett Kavanaugh lied out of his ass about boofing and devil's triangles to convince our Senate to get him on board as associate justice. I even sat through Susan Collins' hour-long speech on Friday, thinking and hoping that the people of Maine will throw her old, saggy ass out to the street in 2020. I thought that Maine was a very leftist state, but I guess wrong since there's a lot of hunters.

What's heartbreaking is that now, we have FOUR(!!!) Supreme Court justices who were picked by presidents who have all lost the popular vote. Let that sink in. The SC has a Republican majority and this could have a negative affect on women's rights, LGBT rights and pretty much the rights of those who aren't wealthy white males.

Yes, the Repukes will cry that unemployment is down, though personally, I still see homeless people on the streets begging for change at intersections. There's people who make more than minimum wage who sadly have to live in the poor house because, and to quote Jimmy McMillan, the rent is too damn high. A few weeks ago, several people - including former Michigan gubernatorial candidate Abdul El-Sayed - were all arrested at a protest to get Michigan's minimum wage risen to $15 per hour.

Sadly, the Dems deserve a lot of the blame, too. They are cowardly for the fact that they've been too milquetoast, losing support of their progressive followers. Hell, they deserve Drumpf as president since instead of fighting for the people who vote for them, they kiss Repuke ass. Now, this is reality.

I know, let's get rid of the Electoral College and let real people decide the elections. To me, the EC is the equivalent to Affirmative Action for the tiny-ass hick states to give them more power and say in elections. The truth is, yes, there are lefties in Alabama, North Dakota, West Virginia and other ember-red states. But, will the EC be eliminated soon? I have my doubts.

Folks, I think it's time for a blue wave, but in order to do so, the Dems have got to stop kissing Repuke ass. Knock it off with the middle of the road bullshit. We need a livable minimum wage, we need real healthcare, we need affordable schools, we need less gun violence and hell, we need affordable housing! A chicken in every pot and a car in every garage... Remember that?

The two-party system: fucking us in the ass since 1980.



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