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Name: Ellen DeGeneres
Age: 63
Occupation: unfunny comedienne
Last Seen: Los Angeles
Bee-otched For: being a quitter

PLEASE NOTE: We are in the process of moving to a new location. As a result, Bee-otch of the Day will be updated less frequently than usual for the time being. Thank you for your patience.

It seems that not long ago, Ellen DeGeneres was on top of the world. 

Her daytime talk show was one of the highest-rated programs in syndication. Her guests were giant A-listers in Hollywood. The world was her oyster. 

And then, the bottom fell out. 

When she was spotted in George W. BusHitler's skybox at a Dallas Cowboys football game, many in the LGBTQ+ community called her a traitor for being a friend to somebody who was no friend to them. But of course, Ellen's fame took an even bigger nosedive when it was revealed that her show's workplace was very toxic. 

The reports regarding the culture at Ellen were damning. Producers told her fans things like not to look at her or even be smarter than her if they were playing one of her games. The backlash from the negativity regarding the behind-the-scenes hellhole caused the show to lose half of its viewers. 

Now, it's the end.

Ellen has officially announced that the 2021-22 season for the show will be its last. She claimed that she needed something new to challenge her and that the backstage melee had nothing to do with her discontinuing her program. She claims that she wants to do things related to her favorite causes, such as the environment. As a matter of fact, she recently narrated "Endangered", a documentary on Discovery +.

Not a whole lot of people defended Ellen through her situation, though she did find an ally in Howard Stern. When the backstage problems on her show were hot headlines, Stern stood up for her, claiming that he felt terrible when she lost her 1990s sitcom after she came out as gay in 1997, causing the show's ratings to decline and advertisers to pull their spots. 

Now, I'm one of those people who judges on talent and not by how different they are. Look at Bill Cosby: back in the 1960s, he was one of the first black comics to be accepted by white audiences. He was clean and was somebody the whole family could enjoy. Because of this, he was on many children's shows like Sesame Street and Captain Kangaroo. Hell, he even saved NBC when The Cosby Show became a ratings smash. Personally, I never found him funny. But, to each their own. IMHO, I think he used his race to get to places most other African Americans would never be allowed to go. And yes, he used his race to get what he wanted, like raping and drugging women.

When it comes to blacks, gays and just about everybody else, there's no "I hate this person because they're gay" or "this guy's black, so he must be in a gang". I know. I've dealt with too many assholes who are a part of a minority. One reason why I started this very blog was because when I was a teen in the 1990s, I lived in northern Michigan, where the only real rock station there avoided bands that I actually liked, like KoRn, Rage Against the Machine, Tool and others. Instead, the station was loaded with butt rock from the 70s and then-currents from soccer mom acts like Counting Crows, Goo Goo Dolls and Melissa Etheridge. One of the worst-kept secrets was that part of the reason why the station's new rock selections were limp was because their programming director and midday jock is a lesbian. Not only that, but the station even had a Saturday morning standup comedy show and they were load it up with crap from Ellen and the horrid Rosie O'Donnell. But, guess what? There's a TON of members of the LGBTQ+ family who know how to rock, namely the likes of Lzzy Hale, Billie Joe Armstrong and Otep, just to name a few. It's just that this woman was nothing more than a puppet for her bosses in North Dakota, who cared more about money than programming. 

The reality is that Ellen is simply not that funny and I get douche chills when I have to watch her horrible show. Simply put, good riddance. I kinda knew that something was up with her and it was all before her downfall. Now, she can spend time eating caviar with dictators and living a life where nobody has to look at her because she can live a private life with Portia and their millions.

Yes, Ellen wants us all to be kind to everybody. But, when that person doesn't want to give you a seat at the table, then, you can tell them to fuck off.


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