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Name: WOOD-TV 8
Age: 70
Occupation: west Michigan's NBC affiliate
Last Seen: Grand Rapids
Bee-otched For: having climate change deniers on staff


Well, I think the worst is over.

This past winter was one of the worst in my humble opinion. In terms of my car, I had to replace the brake line and bearings that run the traction system. People around me were getting very sick because of the record cold temps and so on.

I did check the extended forecast and it's in the 40s this week. The snow is finally melting and soon, we will be sneezing our asses off.

Recently on NBC's The Today Show, Al Roker announced that within 100 years the price of beer might be going up severely. Why? It's because the hops needed to make beer would be prohibitive to grow in warmer climate, translating into less beer. 

A few years ago, NBC received flack from critics such as Bill Maher and others for only spending five minutes on the YEAR talking about climate change. Now, they've gotten the message. Many have lauded Chuck Todd for spending a whole hour on Meet the Press talking about climate change. He even banned climate change deniers on the show because the evidence is there. Plus, most deniers are simply pulling shit out of their ass.

Just like WOOD-TV 8 meteorologist Old Man Steffen. 

Steffen has personally been a CC denier for years. It doesn't help that morning weathergirl Terri TheWhore is good pals with the Devos family. You know, weather people are supposed to study the weather and its effects on the Earth. But when they ignore the warnings of scientists - you know, real ones - their credibility is torn to shreds. 

Now, I'm not sure about the other two weather folks at 8, though Ellen Bacca admits on her Twitter page that she's a Christian. Now, if she's the type of Christian that believes that Jesus helped the poor and sick or believes that the earth is flat and only 6,000 years old is beyond me. I hope it's the helped the poor part. Bear in mind, too that ex-WOOD-TV weathergirl Whora Velesquez - who lovingly dumped me on Facebook for no good reason - now works for Accuweather. Sadly, that company is owned by - surprise, surprise - a CC denier.

Today, it snowed here in Grand Rapids and it's the first day of Spring. This is not normal. With the brutal winter we had, the last thing we need is some wackjob telling us that the sky's not falling and that all's well.

The truth is that we need protection. We need to keep our environment safe and we need limits on how much pollution cars kick out and so forth. Our Earth is dying and it's sad that two out of the four weather loons on WOOD-TV could care less. 

The good news is that both Old Man Steffan and Terri TheWhore are seniors and will have to retire sooner or later.



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