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*Detroit Lions for sucking,
*Harvest Bible Church for taking rock away from Traverse City,
*ArtPrize for being a wolf in sheep's clothing
*and the Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce for alienating everybody

And the loser is...



Oh, great. Richard Devos hasn't been dead for two weeks and we're stuck again with more scAmway bullshit.

And its name is Artprize, or as we call it here, fArtprize.

I know, the people who made their pieces spent hundreds and some thousands of hours, plus lots of blood, sweat and tears (and semen) completing their pieces for the festival. It's too bad that the people who created the festival are some of the scummiest people around.

And yes, it's the Devos clan.

In this case, it's Rick Devos - the grandson of Rich Devos  - who gave us fArtPrize, which is celebrating 10 years of praying and hoping that all the rooms at the Amway Grand and JM Marriott are filled and maybe, just maybe, some out-of-towners will be buying a car from Fox Motors.

I love the fact that on fArtPrize's website, the first line of Rick Devos' bio page says "Rick DeVos, age 35, is an entrepreneur and investor." Yeah, no shit. It's all because of daddy. Neither Rick or Dick have really worked a day in their lives because of their dad and grandpa. I also love the fact that on their sponsor page, they list Rick's maternal grandparents' foundation, the Edgar and Elsa Prince Foundation as a foundation supporter. Funny, since they support the schmuck in Fremont who tried to get Howard Stern off the air.

You see, fArtPrize is a wolf in sheep's clothing. It acts like a left-leaning art festival of self-expression, but instead, it's a three-week festival to support the Devos family and all their aspects. This is a dangerous festival, folks, The Devoses are anti-middle class, anti-LGBTQ and helped to turn Michigan into a Right to Work (for less) state. This is why I'll try to avoid downtown Grand Rapids during this time.

And once again, I hope and pray somebody will yell "fuck 'er in the pussy" if WOOD-TV puts them on TV.


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