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Name: Michael Bloomberg
Age: 78
Occupation: old billionaire
Last Seen: New York City
Bee-otched For: crashing and Berning at the Democratic Debate                                                                


It's no secret that I'm no real fan of Elizabeth Warren.

But, I'll give her credit because in last night's Democratic debate in Las Vegas, she boldly attacked the biggest elephant in the room. And I DO mean elephant since he was a Republican.

Warren proclaimed that she was running against a billionaire who was calling women "fat broads" and "horse-faced lesbians", and it wasn't Drumpf. It was Bloomberg.

Bernie Sanders touched on the fact that as New York City mayor, Bloomberg created programs like "Stop and Frisk" which was racist to people of color. Bloomberg apologized. NBC's Hallie Jackson noted that many women who work for his company felt hurt because of his crude remarks toward them. Bloomberg covered his ass with "none of them are accusing me of anything". 

Sadly, a sizable chunk of the debate was about the fact that Bloomberg is using his own money to buy the election. With the amount of commercials that he's buying, he's using the power of the media to brainwash Americans into thinking that he's the only person out there to defeat Drumpf. Yes, unlike the centralist candidates, Bloomberg seems to be several notches to the left. But, he still has a lot more money than Drumpf. True, I'll give Bloomberg credit. At least he built his empire from the ground up as opposed to inheriting it from Daddy. But since he's in it to make sure the wealthy in America don't get taxed more to pay for the programs that he claims he supports, it will be sad if he's elected. 

Like I've said in previous posts, Bloomberg's campaign is too similar to Shri Thanedar's. He was the Indian immigrant who ran for governor here in Michigan two years ago and lost on the Democratic ticket. He ran a shit ton of ads claiming that he was a progressive, even though he's extremely wealthy and as a scientist, he abused defenseless animals in his labs. He ended up in third place behind our current governor Gretchen Whitmer and a real progressive, Abdul El-Sayed. 

I'm happy that in the national polls, Bernie's in the lead with double digits. We don't need an elitist telling us to vote for him every time our local TV stations cut to break. Hell, I'm a hard rock and metal guy and was forced to grow up with way too many radio stations overplaying the shit out of John Mellencamp in northern Michigan, even our so-called "Rock Station" KLT. Hearing "Small Town" in one of Bloomberg's ads gave me a vicious case of earworm. 

We needed Bernie four years ago and even more now. Drumpf is freeing white collar criminals and yet, there's still innocent people rotting in prison for smoking a fucking joint 40 years ago. Awards are being given to disgusting pigs like Rush Limbaugh and not people who really deserve them. Hell, I just found out that I'm getting WAY less on my taxes than I thought I was because Turbotax fucked up my state returns! I plan to amend, BTW.

Folks, Bernie's the only candidate for president who's the real deal. He's humble, he's down to Earth, and most importantly of all, he has a plan to fix our country. He's not a sell out like other so-called Democrats. It's time Americans get treated the same as other nations in terms of healthcare, education and safety. Yesterday's Bee-otch of the Day was suggested by a Canadian reader of mine. In a few e-mails, we discussed our appreciation for the CBC, especially with them being a more-fair alternative to the corporate media especially when it comes to news. I always thought about how it seems that the Canadians were right all along when it comes to the media. Years ago in the middle of the night, I was watching a CTV station out of Sault Ste. Marie show a program about sex. For one second, they showed a tight closeup of a woman's vagina as it's being rubbed. Here in America, Janet Jackson's right breast is exposed during the Super Bowl and the religious right and the FCC perform a witch hunt. Sad, since right around the same time, several media companies in America create fake umbrella groups to own more than one TV station in a single market. My old media market of Traverse City, MI is a shining example. 

The point is, is that America needs to wake up. The only reason why Mike Bloomberg is running for president is simply because he's creating an oligarchy. Drumpf might be more evil, but Bloomberg has more money and too many of the same problems Drumpf has. I hope as the caucuses and primaries move forward, Bloomberg will realize that spending over $400 million of his own money to try to rule the world was a big mistake. 

Only nine more months of this shit....


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