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Name: Elijah Cummings
Age: 68
Occupation: former US Rep
Last Seen: up in the heavens
Awarded For: being the peoples' Rep


America has lost one of her greatest freedom fighters.

Longtime Congressman Elijah Cummings of Baltimore died last night from what his family called years of various health issues. He was 68. The son of sharecroppers who were preachers, he first served in the Maryland House in 1983 and became a US Congressman in 1996. He served as a chair on the House Oversight Committee and was one of its most-fiery voices.

Many praised Cummings on social media today, even Drumpf, whom Cummings was trying to impeach. Cummings appeared in Michael Moore's "Capitalism: A Love Story" and Moore himself paid tribute to Cummings, saying that "he was a fighter for those who weren't allowed a seat at the table". 

Cummings represented a part of America that was heavily black and had its issues with crime and poverty. As a matter of fact, Drumpf even told Cummings to worry more about his city than him. But that's the point. One huge reason why there's lots of impoverished areas in America is because of the Repukes and how they manipulate people into thinking that most black folks simply don't want to work. To make matters more embarrassing, there's more WHITES on government assistance than African-Americans and more poor cities in America that are heavily white than black.

On Facebook today, most pages reporting on Cummings' passing were responded with a sad face or a heart. It bothered me that people on the page of UpNorthLive - the FB page of Sinclair owned TV stations WPBN 7&4 (NBC) and WGTU ABC 29&8 - responded with laughter. One person bitched about Cummings being a crook and other calling Baltimore a "liberal garbage dump". There were even a few folks who responded with the laugh emoji on CBS station WWTV 9&10's FB page. At least the comment section on 9&10's page was a lot more respectable, with some even calling for karma on those who thought that it was a funny thing that a man who worked his ass off for not just his district, but ALL the have-nots in America. 

Sometimes, I feel angry that over 40 years ago, my Dad's cousin came down to Detroit with a U-Haul and moved my parents to BFE. I was always upset that my cousins in Detroit had everything while I got stuck with people who had no redeeming qualities. When I saw the laughing icons on the northern Michigan TV station FB pages, it hearkened me to when the planes crashed into the World Trade Center. At the time, my mother worked at a tool and die and one of her co-workers thought it was all hilarious. 

That tool and die, BTW was near the town of Mancelona. 

I love it how many move up to northern Michigan from Detroit to get away from black people. They think of crime and poverty when they think African American. Yet, there's towns up north that -- SURPRISE! -- are more impoverished than Detroit. Twenty-odd years ago, Mancelona's downtown was loaded with abandoned buildings. A fire wiped out one block, which is now a park. Legendary morning radio DJ - and former announcer to MadTV - Bill "The Captain" Vogel of 106 KHQ allegedly commented on the fire that it did $37 of damage. The town's high school was once condemned and - at least when I was in high school, thankfully not in Manceltucky - about one out of ten high school seniors were pregnant. 

Even more, there's towns up north that are food deserts. Towns that even though they have a population of over a few hundred can no longer support a grocery store. Manton has not had a real supermarket in 20-odd years. Ellsworth's former Viking Foods store has had trouble staying open and has had many failed owners for years. Empire lost Deering's Market and Lake City lost Foster's - both SpartanNash stores - last year. Reed City grocery landmark Vic's Supermarket closed two years ago, but a couple is rehabbing a old, tiny gas station next door that will serve as the town's sport for light grocery items and produce. If you think food deserts are a ghetto staple, think again. Some cities up north have no real grocery for over 10 miles. 

Of course, I can touch on drug problems and some of the schools where kids are barely even passing. Yes, there's nice towns where tourism reigns and the downtowns are loaded with t-shirt shops and stuff that's outrageously expensive. And where restaurants have to close because the greedy-ass owners won't pay their workers a living wage. I can go on.

The point is that it's sick when people see Mr. Cummings as an old, angry black man from a town that's not the world's greatest place to live. But let's remember: this is what happens when unions get busted, the wealthy get tax breaks and good-paying jobs become sparse. Rep. Cummings didn't just fight for blacks, he fought for the middle class and protected them from losers like Drumpf who do nothing but tell those who work hard to stand in the corner and sulk. 

Folks, this is why I have this site and this blog. I know how it feels to be excluded. I worked hard to shame those who need to be shamed for being the scum of the Earth. Originally, this site was designed to persuade northern Michigan broadcasters to start airing Howard Stern. Of course, it never happened. Hell, one broadcaster even sent me a cease and desist order. But at the end of the day, Howard won and so did the people up north thanks to SiriusXM. And as a result, northern Michigan now has several stations that are struggling under a two share. The one station that SHOULD have aired Stern and adjust their music format so us born in the 80s could actually enjoy it, KLT is now tied in the ratings with the station, Rock 105 and 95-5 that did it for them. 

I know, I should step away from this blog sometimes, but until I have a woman to give me an excuse to do so, ain't gonna happen. Until we all get a respectable share of the pie, you'll see me updating Bee-otch of the Day on an almost daily basis. After all, as George Carlin once said, "it's one big club, and you ain't in it!"

Thank you, Rep. Cummings. Rest in power.


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