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*1999: WWTV/WWUP-TV Cadillac/Traverse City/Sault Ste. Marie, CBS affiliates, for canning Howard Stern's TV show in the area
*2000: Kathie Lee Gifford for being a bitch to human nature, especially by recording bad music and posing bad career moves
*2001: John P. Hayes, President of CORUS Radio in Toronto for canning Stern on CILQ - Q107
*2002: John Lee Malvo and John Allen Mohammed, "The D.C. Snipers"
*2003: Saddam Hussein, Former Iraqi Dictator, for his continued mistreatment of his own people
*2004: George W. Bush for being a horrid leader and enemy to Freedom of Speech
*2005: George W. Bush for repeating everything he did in 2004
*2006: """"""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""" and then some
*2007: see 2004
*2008: see above
*2009: ditto
*2010: The Republican Party for lying and manipulating people
*2011: The FCC for proving that they're a threat to America
*2012: Matt Hanlon for being a drunk moron
*2013: Rick Snyder
*2014: John Balyo
*2015: Cindy Gamrat and Todd Courser
*2016: Donald Trump
*2017: Donald Trump

Station (Overall) - WYSP Philadelphia
Station (Per capita) - WYSP Philadelphia
Rock Station (Overall) - WYSP Philadelphia
Rock Station (Per capita) - WYSP Philadelphia
Alternative Station (Overall) - WBCN Boston
Alternative Station (Per capita) - WXDX Pittsburgh
Classic Rock Station (Overall) - CILQ Toronto³
Classic Rock Station - (Per capita) - WNCX Cleveland
Talk Station (Overall) - KLSX Los Angeles
Talk Station (Per Capita) - WJFK-FM Washington

Station (Overall) - CILQ Toronto³
Station (Per capita) - *tie* WYYX Panama City¹/KBZZ Reno
Rock Station (Overall) - WMFS Memphis²
Rock Station (Per capita) - WYYX Panama City¹
Alternative Station (Overall) - WQBK Albany
Alternative Station (Per capita) - WXNR Greenville
Classic Rock Station (Overall) - CILQ Toronto³
Classic Rock Station (Per capita) - WRXK Ft. Myers
Talk Station (Overall) - KLSX Los Angeles
Talk Station (Per capita) - KBZZ Reno

¹WYYX has since dumped Stern for Lex and Terry.
²WMFS is has since flipped to Alternative '93X'.
³CILQ canned Stern in 2001.
200,000th hit: 8/28/02
300,000th hit: 5/28/03
400,000th hit: 2/18/04
500,000th hit: 11/7/05


Howard Stern (WKLQ mornings 1996-2002) - Was demoted to sister station WBBL due to Hanlon's stupidity. Now on Sirius.

Bill Watson (WKLQ jock/Stern show producer) - Was let go when Stern moved to WBBL... a few days before Christmas 2002. After a stint at Kansas City, MO Active Rocker KQRC, he's now at Q106 in Lansing

Mark "The Head" Feurie (WKLQ PD/midday jock) - Fired by Hanlon Spring 2003 so the station can hire Hunter Scott from sister WKQZ out of Saginaw. He's now out of radio.

Bill Walters (WKLQ midday jock) - Was originally canned from KLQ in 2001 due to personal matters, and came back 2003 only to be refired again for bashing Hanlon at station events. Rumor had it that Don from the Ron and Don morning show told Hanlon to fire Walters. He's since worked at WRIF Detroit , Z93 in Saginaw and is now on the beach.

Hunter Scott (Man Made Radio) - The program was imported from Saginaw sister Z93 with some fanfare. However, Hanlon made the show virtually his own, and eventually, it was cancelled. Scott was in Cleveland at WMMS with Cristi Cantle and Sean Kelly. He's now at a hot AC in rural Ohio.

Cristi Cantle (night jock) - She was fortunate enough to escape Hanlon's plunder in Winter 2004. She first headed to Fort Wayne's 98.9 The Bear before heading to Lexington, KY's Z103 a few weeks later to resurrect Man-Made Radio with Hunter Scott. The two along with Sean Kelly now did a morning show at Clear Channel Active Rocker WMMS Cleveland. She's now doing weekends at WXRK.

Sean Kelly (Man Made Radio) With Hunter Scott, hosted Man-Made Radio. Now on the beach.


(Updated 2.19.07)



88.1 WYCE - Variety Typical college station.

88.5 WGVU - Public/NPR Known for its jazz music.

88.9 WBLU - Public/NPR Same as above.

89.1 WIDR - College Weak-signaled from K'zoo, but well-known for its alternative.

89.3 WGNB - Religious Don't care about this station.

89.9/88.3 WAYG - Christian Rock "Way FM" - Same as above.

91.3 WCSG - Christian AC - Same as above; popular amongst soccer moms.

92.5 WLAW - Outlaw Country (Sirius 63) knockoff "The Outlaw" Like I said, it's a rip-off of Outlaw Country; it's even called "The Outlaw". How nice!

92.5 WZUU - Classic Rock "The Zoo" Used to be an awesome Active Rocker, but the owners felt that mullet rock was better. used to be at 92.3, but moved to 92.5 and now has no signal into Grand Rapids. 

92.7 WYVN - Classic Hits "The Van" I rarely listen to this station. 60s-70s-80s Oldies.

93.7 WBCT - Country "B93" Most Country sucks. Plain and simple. Their ratings don't however.
94.5 WTNR - Country "Thunder 94.5" See above, sans the ratings part. Was Active Rock KLQ.

95.7 WLHT - AC "Lite Rock 95.7" Soccer mom music. Has John Tesh nights.

96.1 WMAX - Alternative "Radio X 9-6-1" This Clear Channel station goes through formats like underwear.

96.9 WLAV - Classic Rock The oldest Rock station in Grand Rapids. Ratings are good because of the demise of KLQ. Then again, they're KLQ's sister station.

97.9 WGRD - Alternative "97-9 GRD, Grand Rapids' Rock Alternative" Their music's lamer than KLQ's, but they're the lesser of the two evils since Regent hasn't really screwed with Grand Rapids radio listeners or Stern fans for that matter (they own The Edge in Albany). The home of Free Beer and Hot Wings, who are probably the only terrestrial morning show worth listening to in GR.

98.7 WFGR - Oldies "Oldies 98.7" Grand Rapids' main Oldies station.

99.3 WJQK - Christian CHR "JQ99" Typical Jesus freak music station.

100.1 WBCH - Country Satellite-fed station out of Hastings. Their signal's OK on the south side of GR.

100.5 WTRV - Soft AC "The River" VERY slow AC station with a dash of standards. Some oldies, too.

100.9 WQXC - Oldies Typical Oldies station from Otsego.

101.3 WBFX - Rock "The Fox" This station's only saving grace is Bob and Tom.

101.7 WMRR - Rock Typical for its format. A lot of mullet rock from Muskegon.

102.1 WMUK - Classical/NPR Typical NPR station.

102.9 WFUR - Religious This station has no ratings, and uses equipment older than dirt. Not to mention, their music's a joke. Mainly for the older crowd. Someday, the Kuiper family will realize that there's other stations here in town that do a better job of serving the Lord and will sell this heap of junk to someone who can make it better.

103.3 WKFR - CHR/Top 40 Typical Cumulus CHR from K'zoo - tons of Hot AC during the day and rhythmic at night.

104.1 WVGR - Talk/NPR Yet another NPR station. From University of Michigan.

104.5 WSNX - CHR GR's lone real CHR. VERY Rhythmic leaning.

105.3 WCXT - Disney Radio-esque CHR "Hot FM" Lame CHR.

105.7 WOOD - AC "Star 105.7" Typical soccer mom station. Airs the syndicated Delilah at night.

106.1 WJXQ - Rock "Q106" Yeah, they're from Lansing, but with the Grand Rapids market filled with so many shitty Rock stations, you might be needing this station if you don't have a Sirius.

106.3 WGLM - Adult Hits "M106.3" Although based in the Big Rapids/Greenville area, they have a somewhat weak signal into Grand Rapids. Co-owned with WION (see below).

106.5 WQLR - Variety Hits "Q106.5" Jack-formatted station from K'zoo.

106.9 WMUS - Country "107MUS" Country music from Muskegon.

107.3 WKLQ - Active Rock "KLQ" Used to be at 94.5, and this station was oldies WODJ for years. While at 94.5, they rocked with Stern and REAL rock, but thanks to the idiot known as Hanlon, they suck.

107.7 WRKR - Rock "The Rocker" Mullet rock from Kalamazoo.

107.9 WSHZ - AC "Star 107.9" AC similar to WOOD-FM from Muskegon.


590 WKZO - News/Talk Local news and Talk during the day and lame syndicated shows (Michael Medved, Jim Bohannon, George Noory) at night. From Kalamazoo.

640 WMFN - Spanish This station changes formats like underwear.

810 WMJH - Spanish This was, until recently, Majic 810, which carried Adult Standards. Now, it's another station involving a guy speaking gibberish over a sythesized horn section with a snare drum. Daytime only.

980 WAKV - Standards "Vintage Radio 980" This Otsego station originates at a guy's house. One of the lone Standards stations in the state not satellite-fed.

1140 WJNZ - Urban "1140 Jamz" Once at 1680, this station serves the GR black community well. Daytime only.

1230 WTKG - Talk "Talk 1230" This is the closest thing to a liberal talker GR has; they carry Randi Rhodes, Bill Press, Thom Hartmann and Ed Schultz. However, they also carry Glenn Beck and Dave Ramsey.

1260 WPNW - Religious Talk "Praise and Worship" Religious station for geezers.

1300 WOOD - News/Talk "NewsRadio 1300" The GR home of Rush, Hannity, Savage and George Noory. Sieg Hiel.

1340 WBBL - Sports "1340 The Ball" This USED to be Howard's AM station here in GR, but you guessed it.... No more. Therefore, this piece of shit is worthless. What REALLY fucks up this station up is "Huge" Bill Simonson, a Howard Cosell wannabe plugwhore who does nothing but talk about the advantages of Little Caesars and Miller Lite Beer. I feel sorry for anyone who listens to this trainwreck religiously. 

1410 WNWZ - Spanish "La Maquina Musical" Spanish station that I never listen to.

1430 WION - Full Service AC This station's OK for a small-town Full-Serve. Their signal's best east of GR.

1480 WGVU - Talk/NPR NPR Talk station.

1530 WYGR - Spanish Like 810 or 1410, but with a limited daytime only signal.

1570 WFUR - Religious See 102.9.

1680 WPRR - Pacifica "Public Reality Radio" The closest thing to true liberal talk radio in Grand Rapids. They were supposed to carry Randi Rhodes, but they decided to go the non-comm route. GR's home for Democracy Now.



12.13.04 - Pantera - anything 1990-2000
12.6.04 - Pandoras - "In and Out of My Life"

11.29.04 - Lords of the New Church "Open Your Eyes"
11.22.04 - Fear "Fuck Christmas"
11.15.04 - Green Day "Boulevard of Broken Dreams"
11.8.04 - Cradle of Filth/Liv Kristine "Nymphetamine"
11.1.04 - Moody Blues "Higher and Higher"

10.4.04 - Interpol "Slow Hands"

9.28.04 - Joy Division - "Love Will Tear Us Apart"
9.20.04 - Sisters of Mercy - "This Corrosion"
9.13.04 - Siouxie and the Banshees - "Cities in Dust"
9.6.04 - Gerard McMann - "Cry Little Sister"

8.30.04 -
Front 242 - "Tragedy For You"
8.23.04 - Paul Hardcastle - "19"


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