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The Game Room

OK, so work's kinda boring, so what do you do? Well, if Mr. Lumburgh (or whatever boss ya got) is away, ya gotta check out our handy-dandy game room (what? They allow at your workplace? I'll be damned...).

There's several kick-ass games: golf, Tetris, pool, bowling... Oh, yes, you can even build a car ala Pimp My Ride! Plus, you can run over pedestrians in "Carmeggeddon" and pop bubble wrap. All you need is the latest Flash player (some games might not work with Firefox).

It sure as hell won't increase productivity, but hey, when was the last time your boss gave you a raise, anyway?

Special thanks to Steve Myers (who's one of Dave Barber's webmasters) for this kickass room.

Without further adieu...



Just for fun.......

Play the online version of the TV game show!

Free Online Games



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