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For June:


*Eric Zane,
*and Marci Turk



Originally published June 15th:

When I was a kid growing up in northern Michigan, I HATED KLT with the most severe of all passions.

It sickened me that kids in Detroit, Grand Rapids and other downstate towns had way better rock stations than me. Hell, sometimes I BEGGED my parents to take me to Detroit since I was too young for KLT and too old for 106.7 The Peak. Thankfully, The Zone came in 1998, but they spent its first two years on the air playing wuss music.

Yes, KLT was the lamest excuse for a rock station. It's owned by a family from North Dakota who only owns it for profit and the idiots who run it locally aim it towards the white trash losers who live up north. Of course, there's Terri Ray, who has been at KLT since 1984 and hosts the highly-predictable Meatless - er, I mean, Leetsville Cafe at noon, where the yokels who listen to the station can tell her to play the same shitty songs over and over.

Of course, there's too many reasons to hate KLT. Their morning show sucks and their afternoon host is a total dick who needs to be exposed. Tom Devitt has been at KLT for several years now and has worked for a few radio groups up north. As a matter of fact, he was the morning host at The Zone in the late 90s and his show was as lame as watching paint dry or waiting for the jurors of the Bill Cosby rape trial to make up their goddamned minds.

As I've mentioned a few times here and there, Devitt worked for several years at a crappy little station in Michigan's Thumb called 92.1 The Coyote. While there, he would pimp his shitty show called "Rabid Radio" on a popular message board that I used to frequent by hijacking threads with stupid messages like "how's Rabid Radio doing in the ratings?" or "I hear Rabid Radio is an awesome show", etc. His username, BTW was "radiostudtd", which was one of the worst usernames I've ever heard of. So, I outed him on this very website, back in the days when I didn't archive much. Needless to say, he sent me a nasty email talking about the fact that he had his own house, got laid once in a while, etc. Apparently, because of me, his bosses got word of his shenanigans and was almost canned. So, he wanted to get even with me and *allegedly* created several fake profiles on that message board and hijacked several of my threads. Even worse, the fellow posters got on his side, so I quit.

Since then, Dipshit has moved back to northern Michigan, namely the Petoskey area and worked at classic rocker The Bear for a while before coming to KLT where he was one of the co-hosts of their shitty Afternoon Trainwreck show. He also helps run their sister station, ESPN Up North 106.7/105.5 where he hosts a High School sports show.

But yes, Dimwit has shown time after time that he's anything but talented. Recently, Smitty. afternoon host at rival Rock 105/95-5 pointed out that Devitt's been ripping him off. Case in point? Listen now.

Needless to say, Smitty posted this on his Facebook page and Tom was nice enough to post on there that he was going to be coming to Traverse City (he does his show from Petoskey, apparently) to confront him. The message has since been deleted. But still, this battle is fun to watch.

You know, it's sad that Blarney Stone, which owns Q100 out of Grayling was supposed to own KLT and its sisters by now, and last I heard, the deal hit a snag since it's a three-way sale (106.7 should be going to Baraga Broadcasting). I'll betcha if Blarney Stone owned KLT outright by now, most of the airstaff would have been shown the door.

Personally, I wished northern Michigan had a station like Rock 105/95-5 20 years ago. KLT would be their bitch and quite frankly, they are today now that 95.5 is back to the simulcast. Now that Omelette is gone and their current morning show is even worse, IS there a reason to listen to KLT anymore? Let's not forget Sirius, Pandora and the rest.

KLT: sticking our heads in our asses since 1982.


Originally published June 21st:

Last week, I gave WKLT the Bee-otch of the Day, and the floodgates opened.

Since that blog was published last Thursday, I've gotten several responses in regard to KLT and the shit they've been pulling. In case you missed it, Smitty, the afternoon jock at crosstown Rock 105/95-5 is now accusing KLT for ripping off segments of his show. Originally, Smitty was part of an afternoon duo on the station. KLT responded by creating "The Afternoon Trainwreck", which was also an afternoon duo. Since then, The Trainwreck has moved to mornings after the dismissal of longtime morning man Steve "Omelette" Normandin while Smitty now does his show solo. Smitty does a segment on his show called "The Box" where he plays songs that rarely get played on the radio anymore. Now, his competitor, KLT's Tom Dipshit-er, Devitt has been ripping him off with his own take called "The Bag".

Yeah, an Arab man whose last name sounds like a Don Martin sound effect in Mad Magazine stabbed a cop at Flint's Bishop Airport, the GOP wants to take away our healthcare and Michigan's water is in jeopardy because of Enbridge and Nestle. But living in a town with an absolutely shitty rock station is also a dire matter.

One of those who responded to KLT's BOTD was a former station employee who told me that since Omelette's dismissal, the station has been in a downward spiral. Shortly after the announcement was made that Omelette was let go, one of the station's advertisers, who spent $50,000 per year on spots pulled out. Not to mention that several long-time ad execs at the station and owner Northern Broadcast, Inc. all quit over the frustration of not being able to sell ads on the station.

Even though Nielsen no longer embargoes most ratings books for radio, Traverse City is a notable exception even though three out of the big five radio groups up north subscribe to the books. Then again, ratings can be misleading, especially in smaller markets like Traverse City that still use paper diaries instead of personal people meters. Ad revenue is how a station succeeds up north. Since KLT is losing money now, one can wonder on how long they can last during its current state.

Hell, even their advertising page on their website is a joke. Heritage Rock with 3-decades of market leadership with adult fans of 70s & 80s Classic Rock along with mainstream New Rock. Ummmmmm.... "New Rock"? I just checked their playlist and the newest song on the list was "Lie To Me" by Jonny Lang, which came out in 1997. How about "a whole bunch of shitty white trash rock best suited for the assholes who live out in Manceltucky?" Makes perfect sense.

Personally, KLT is now as useless as tits on a bull. Yeah, their shtick was OK back in the 1990s when they were practically the only rock station in town (and they DID play SOME new rock, though it was pretty much what the local CHRs were playing), but with Rock 105/95-5, The Bear, Q100, Sirius/XM, Pandora, Slacker and other services out there, who needs KLT? Apparently, people who don't mind hearing Foreigner, Styx, Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Eagles, Boston and other other schlocky 1970s band that ever existed.

What might be even sadder is that according to one of my sources, the NBI/Blarney Castle deal fell through, which means that the Gokeys - who have owned KLT since 1983 - still own it, but they're phoning it in even more. Blarney Castle owns Q100 and had planned to merge that station's operations with KLT. Just imagine: no more Morning Trainwreck, Terri Ray or even Tom "RadioDudSTD" Devitt. But now, it's becoming less of a reality.

Oh, well. It's not 1995 anymore, and Rock 105/95-5 has bigger balls than they do.

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