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Originally published October 3, 2018:

Radio: where ratings no longer matter.

Recently, Grand Rapids was given a shocker when long-time CHR 104.5 WSNX topped the ratings, displacing sister station B93. This was despite the fact that much of the station is programmed from Detroit these days.

Now, the station has lost another piece of being live and local.

Sam "Stick" Day, the station's programmer and afternoon jock has been fired from the station. On social media, he said that he was very proud of his accomplishments at WSNX, especially his ratings records. Stick came to WSNX from sister WKQI Channel 955 in Detroit where he held a similar shift before heading to SNX nearly three years ago.

Stick also hosted Channel 955's Saturday night mix show as well.

No word was given as to why Stick was canned from the top-rated CHR, though sadly, rumor had it that it was because WSNX and WKQI's owners, iHeartMedia wants to further consolidate their operations.

You know, I don't listen to WSNX most of the time, but I hate it when a successful radio station fires a DJ for shit reasons. I remembered around 25 years ago in northern Michigan where I grew up, a popular morning jock, Tim Murphy got canned from WKLT. Why? It was because he trashed Arby's. At the exact time he was in the middle of his diatribe against the roast beast giant, the chain was ordering $200 worth of spots on the station. Instead of defending him, KLT simply fired him, which is what the station is known for: firing popular jocks whose name isn't Terri Ray.

It's funny that here in Grand Rapids, iHeart has 101.3 The Brew, which has NO ratings and yet, they've been a rock station with virtually the same format for over 15 years. Cumulus has WBBL 107.3 and the fat blowhard Bill Simonson, which doesn't have ratings, period. So, why are radio groups tolerant towards failure and won't fight for their top-rated jocks? Good question.

In WSNX's case, they're safe. They're the only full-powered radio station in Grand Rapids with enough balls to play rap and hip-hop. They can have some jerkoff willing to work for minimum wage called Kendrick Lamar Lamar Kendrick and they won't care. As long as they carry those one-second ads with that woman saying "take me to Kessler's", all is well for iFart.

As for Stick, looks like he wants to go back to Detroit. I don't blame him. Maybe he'll end up at 98.7 Amp Radio, since that station won't go anywhere soon, poor ratings or not. Who knows? Nonetheless, I wish him the best.

And why is digital media (SiriusXM, Pandora, Spotify, etc.) kicking traditional media's ass?

And from October 23:

Last week, the Grand Rapids radio ratings came out for last Summer. B93 returned to the top, WGRD zoomed back to second place in their best book in ages, WSNX returned to 3rd place while WLAV and WOOD-AM/FM tied for #4.

The big losers, of course, are the perennial sports duo of iHeartMedia's ESPN 96.1 and Cumulus' WBBL 107.3. But what might be even more embarrassing is the fact that a music station is actually tied with one of the sports stations.

iHeart's 101.3 The Brew is tied with WBBL for 14th place. The classic rocker only registered a 1.6, one of its lowest ratings in forever.

So, why does The Brew suck? Simple: the station is loaded with out-of-town jocks and a shitty morning show that tanked in Detroit. Plus, the station shares the same fucking corporate classic rock that LAV plays. What were they thinking when they added Rover's Morning Glory to their schedule? Do they expect that shitty-assed show to defeat the local Free Beer and Hot Wings in the ratings? Please. Plus, I see no promotion for RMG. No billboards, no promo crew on the streets, no nothing.

Folks, 101.3 has been some sort of rock format since 2001 and they've NEVER kicked ass in the ratings. IFart doesn't know what to do with the station. Alternative's a stupid choice since it's tanking in Detroit. Active rock might be an OK choice IF they stay away from the older rock that everybody in town plays. Hell, they could even air an attack campaign on GRD for playing classic rock. Oh! 101.3 can't do a black format since it'll hurt WSNX. I can go on and on, but let's face it: 101.3 has been a flaming dumpster fire for too long.

At least it's not as bad as WFUR.

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