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For December:


*The Detroit Lions,
*The FCC
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Originally published December 14th, 2017:

Oh, sweet internet, we will miss you.

Today, the FCC voted 3-2 to overthrow former President Obama's edict that prohibited internet service providers from barring customers from going to websites they don't like. What this means is that your ISP now has the right to make sure that you can't go to certain websites, or even throttle the speed of the site itself or worse, charge you extra to go to your favorite sites (like this one).

Net Neutrality has been an issue since the 2000s when some phone companies frowned on people using VOIP services to make calls. However, the FCC told them to stop. Same with P2P sites.

Of course, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is a former Verizon exec, and that company is now applauding the FCC's decision since they can now charge you more to go to certain sites or even throttle your speed. It's like watching Netflix and it buffers all the time. Or worse, let's say that you already have a Netflix subscription and yet, your ISP redirects you to Hulu instead.

Folks, this shit wouldn't have happened if last year's presidential election got all fucked up. Trump got a bunch of big business ass-kissers into his cabinet and now, kiss your internet goodbye. The good news is that Massachusetts Senator Ed Markey (D) is coming up with a bill that might overthrow the FCC's idiotic rules. Now with one less Repuke in the Senate, this bill might be easy to pass. Remember, the FCC's stupid rules have been overturned before. Remember Janet Jackson's nip slip? The FCC tried to fine "fleeting expletives" but that got shot down.

The sad thing is that every time we have a conservative in the White House it seems, the FCC gets worse. When Reagan was president, the Fairness Doctrine was killed, allowing radio stations to air right-winged hate talk 24/7. When Clinton was president, Telecom 96 was passed, allowing radio companies like Clear Channel and Cumulus to buy up almost virtually every radio station they wanted. Of course, the joke was on them because both companies are now billions in debt. Of course, the Janet Jackson incident was under Dubya's watch, but guess what? Nothing really happened under Obama. Hell, the only broadcaster that got slapped with a Notice of Apparent Liability was a TV station that accidentally showed a pornographic website when they did a news story about a firewoman who was also a porn star.

I agree that it's sad that it's not even a year since Drumpf became president and look where we're at, folks. Environmental laws are being scaled back, The wealthy are getting a tax break while the working stiffs are now paying more and now, this. If Drumpf is still president by 2020, expect this country to be flying Russian flags.

But don't look at me, I didn't vote for the guy.

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December: FCC

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