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Originally published May 17, 2018:

Many of us guys hate the putrid sound of an alarm clock in the morning.

For me, I have the unfortunate mispleasure of waking up at 4:30 a.m. and being out of the house by 5:40. During this time, there's hardly anything on TV but local morning news. Here in Grand Rapids, the best source for morning news is WOOD-TV 8's Daybreak and sadly, even they're marginally watchable at times.

The show is hosted by a yenta, Teresa Weakly and the however decent Casey Jones (and I wonder if that's his real name). But then, there's Terri the Whor-er, DeBoer who is an old and irritating weathergirl who needs to retire.

Sadly, after Daybreak is an even worse show, Today since WOOD has been an NBC affiliate for almost 70 years. Sadly, in recent years, that show has eroded to being barely watchable. You've got two yentas hosting the first two hours, and right-winged cunt hosting the 9 a.m. hour and don't even get me started on Kathie Lee and Hoda.

For decades, it's been a misconception that only women watch daytime TV. Station programmers are stuck in the 1960s, thinking that women stay home while their husbands work. Hell, I tried living that life once and in this day and age, it doesn't work from a financial standpoint. Of course, it was one huge reason why I kicked her ass out of my house. But, let's face it: there's guys who work second or third shift and they don't want to wake up to five old bitches sitting around a desk like hens in a hen house.

So, why in the fuck is ESPN alienating their viewers for yet another unneeded show for yentas?

Yep, I said it correctly. ESPN now airs a show in the morning that nobody seems to like. It's called Get Up and it's hosted by Jalen Rose, Michelle Beadle and former Mike and Mike co-host Mike Greenberg. Sadly, this is the reason why Mike and Mike split up: it's so Greenberg can do a TV show while the other Mike, Golic stayed with ESPN Radio with Trey Wingo. Anyway, the show's ratings are beyond horrid and critics are trashing the show left and right, comparing it to the other morning chick-chat shows.

Not long ago, I had a discussion with an owner of an ESPN radio station and he told me that with the bullshit going down in Bristol, he might be dumping it. He's unhappy with the constant schedule changes, plus the fact that it's expensive to carry. Hell, I don't think there's a single station in Detroit that carries ESPN Radio anymore. Tragically, the TV side's getting to be not much different.

Look, guys have long looked to ESPN as an alternative to the chick shit that dominates cable and regular TV. During the daytime, there's hardly any good shows us guys can enjoy outside of game shows like The Price is Right and Jerry Springer. I don't want Rachael Ray making me a sloppy joe, I don't want to see Tinker Bell Ryan Seacrest and Kelly Ripa bragging about some shitty reality show and I sure as hell don't want Ellen DeGeneres doing ditto. Even more, I don't want the same shit on ESPN. Whomever thought up this abortion should have been fired. (Oh, wait, he's already gone (and I apologize for using Fox News as a source.)

But there is a silver lining in all this: Get Up is at least a better sports show than a certain weekday radio show here in Grand Rapids that airs from 3-6 p.m. on a certain station whose frequency is between 107.2 and 107.4.

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