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Bee-otch of the Month

For August:


*Donald Trump for being Donald Trump,
*Sinclair for getting shitcanned by the FCC,
*Townsquare Media for fucking up WGRD
*and Cody Wilson for making guns more accessible




Originally published July 24, 2018:

On Friday, a rarity occurred in the Spring 2018 Nielsen ratings for Grand Rapids.

For the first time in years, country giant B93 is NOT the #1 radio station in town. It's their CHR sister, 104.5 WSNX.

SNX had a 7.7, giving them their best ratings in ages. As a matter of fact, their ratings have improved 30% overall since last Summer. The Bee, OTOH, dipped from an 8.4 to a 7.1.

Despite having an airstaff that's mostly from Detroit via sister station Channel 9-5-5, WSNX mainly led the ratings mainly because of the fact that they're the most-rhythmic-leaning station in town. Rap and hip-hop are hot right now and the fact that both WSNX and flea-powered Magic 104.9 play a decent deal of it are helping their ratings. It's also known that WSNX's Detroit-fed morning show, Mojo in the Morning is doing quite well in the ratings despite a bumpy beginning thanks to the firing of long-time morning man Ken Evans (now at crosstown 105.3 Hot FM).

Number three belonged to WOOD-AM/FM, four was WLAV and WGRD rounded out the top five. Unlike WSNX, GRD is not really on a ratings tear.

From last Winter to this past Spring, WGRD went from a 7.1 to a 4.8, about 32% of its listeners. Why the huge loss? Well, I think it's because of 1) the constant turnover at The Free Beer and Hot Wings Show and 2) the fact that GRD thinks that their listeners - who love Metallica, KoRn, Tool, Rage Against the Machine and others - also love ZZ Top, Queen and other 1970s butt rock bands that no active rock station should ever play.

Look, if I want to hear classic rock, I would be listening to WLAV or 101.3 The Brew (and talk about VERY shitty ratings for that station). But the morons at Clownsquare have shown how incompetent they are by mixing oil and water. Sometimes, I wish that GR could have a rock station that DOESN'T play anything from before 1980. But since three companies control 95% of all the stations in town, well, there you go.

Sometimes, I wish iHeartMedia, Cumulus and Townsquare would all learn about the success story of WION 1430 in Ionia. Fifteen years ago, the station was airing a talk format. Then the owner died and his widow sold the station to the owner of a two other radio stations in Greenville. The problem was that they also owned a newspaper, and they couldn't get a waiver to own both the paper and WION as needed by the FCC. Well, several months later, the station was sold to three guys from Indiana. The station re-signs on the air almost a year after it was shut down. Instead of a talk format, the station - re-christened "I1430" - started doing something that most AM stations stopped doing decades ago: they play music. WION primarily plays a mix of adult hits and classic rock. Since buying the station, the three have fixed the aging transmitter, added an FM simulcast and even purchased the two stations that the newspaper owners owned, now M106.3.

One of the best parts regarding WION is the fact that every election year, they ban non-federal political ads. Why? Because they can. They want to put their focus on the businesses of Ionia. However, more-corporate radio stations have to air them? Why? Because they're in so much debt that they cannot reject any ads. WION, OTOH, probably has way less debt than their bigger corporate counterparts. They know what their listeners and advertisers want.

In the end, WGRD has seen better days. Put the smack down on Jerry Tarrents all you want, but the second he left the building, it seemed that the whole station fell apart. I think it's sad that Pandora has a better new rock station than GRD. Hell, Rock 105 and 95-5 in northern Michigan stays away from butt rock.

While they're at it, they need to shitcan Livewire Nights as well.

The nominees for the Bee-otch of the Yearâ„¢ 2017 are...

January: Donald Trump

February: Donald Trump

March: Joe Gassman

April:  Sinclair


June: iHeartMedia

July: Townsquare Media






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