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Bee-otch of the Month

For December:


*Joseph Bellino,
*and Langer Gokey





Originally published December 11, 2018:

If there's any type of person I can't stand, it's those who don't know good grammar.

You know, people who think that a comma is used like this: (word) ,(word) instead of this: (word), (word). There are those who always use an apostrophe in all plural word's <-like that. And yes, there are those who are piss-poor spellers, misspelling words that even a first grader can spell.

But leave it up to Drumpf, who could make Jim Carrey cringe.

In a recent tweet, he spelled "smoking" "smocking". Now, I'm typing this on my smartphone, and "smocking" didn't even come up on my autocorrect list. "Smock", OTOH is defined as "a loose dress or blouse, with the upper part closely gathered in smocking." Makes perfect sense from the de facto president who introduced us all to the phrase "grab 'em by the pussy".

With the Dow going downward all because of the tariffs regarding Drumpf's BS, it explains that an asshole who can't spell "smoking" can't get the economy to work right.

Of course, Drumpf ended up in an altercation with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer today over funding for his little dream wall at the Mexican border. Funny how we don't have universal healthcare or free colleges, but protecting us from those less fortunate than us? Please.

For somebody who can't spell "smoking", he sure acts like a spoiled bastard sitting in his high chair, kicking and screaming. Everything has to go his way or else he'll shutter the government. Well, 2020 is fast-approaching, and seeing his dismissal will be a dream come true to many Americans.

Or even better, seeing a "smocking" gun blow a bullet to his brain.

Originally published December 11, 2018:

Well, it's official: Drumpf is one step closer to seeing steel.

His beloved lawyer, Michael Cohen has been sentenced to three years in prison all due to the hush money scandal that has rocked Drumpf's presidency. A lot of it's due to his affairs with porn star Stormy Daniels and ex-Playboy model Karen Mcdougal.

Of course, Individual-1 paid those two ladies thousands in hush money to protect his campaign in 2016. Trust me, I believe in the lie detector results. And if Cohen failed at protecting Drumpf, well, guess what? It's Mueller Time.

Folks, the proof is in front of us. Drumpf needs to vacate the White House by any means necessary. He's a threat to our democracy and deserves to rot in prison. If his people go to jail, he needs to go, too.

We can't wait another two years.

The nominees for the Bee-otch of the Yearâ„¢ 2018 are...

January: Donald Trump

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