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The Complete Stern Links
Where many of the best Stern pages are, including ours.

Digital Radio Central
The best satellite radio MB out there.
The name says it all.
THE OFFICIAL HOME PAGE! Kenneth Keith's site!
-The closest thing to a real Stern site - news, links and other cool info.

Lu Cifer's Stern site (and more!)
-A devilishly good Stern site. Also a West Palm Beach page. Also has info on Lu's favorite band, the Genitorturers, and Terrence McKenna, a drug guru who is famous for his many Art Bell apearences.

Mark's Friggin' Stern Site
-Contains more Stern links, and also has info from that day's Stern show.
Frequent Stern show guest. Yes, he may be gay, but he also has some great celebrity gossip and the occasional snatch pic.

A tribute to Stern.
It was a great, civalized message board where people chat about Stern, Sirius programming and so much more. However, it's gotten to be slower than molasses.
Where Stern fans interact!

The Stern News Desk
Up to the mnute Stern news and info.

A kickass site featuring porn and gore. Sweet.
A great site if you want to know what radio in the big D sounded like in the 1980's.
The Internet Movie Data Base
Wanna find info on a movie or a TV show? Wanna find out what's showing at your local theater? Click here!
The site with the most-up-to-date listings of Michigan media listings.

Parents TV Council Bashing Page
For those who love America and the 1st Amendment, this is for you.
A very sick site on the web. Not for the faint of heart.

Water Winter Wonderland
An awesome Michigan retro site, everything from old theatres to racetracks.                                                                                                                                               
Good for scoping what's on the radio dial in most US cities.


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